Selasa, 02 April 2013

Skills Transformation (Mind Cafe Medan )

Hello CoffeeLovers :)

It's been awhile since i update my latest post.
Thesis deadlines are killing me, but this blog still have a serious commitment from his Master :) LOL

Anyway, This time i wanted to talk about skill transformation. Which is you can see (like this blog). I can write, draw, making photos by surfing on photography skills. It's like two birds with one stone. I'm not trying to make pride to it, but somehow i felt joy because i can do the exact things i love and it's all encapsulated in this single blog. :)

I just got a great spot here in outskirts of Medan
MindCafe. Epicentrum Walk Jln. Dr. Mansyur, Medan.

Well but .. i guess i'm a little bit tired of making a review, so i just ask RoboCaff if he can do any help.
He's as good as me. so don't worry

Unique Design, Somehow reminds me of theatre-like retro

A very cool wall decorating using light bulbs

Hundreds of Board Games. Monopoly, Risk, Connect 4 , Scrabble and more.
There's a regulation to check if you want to play though.
You have at least ordered food so you can play it for free
you can order just drinks but they will charge you about IDR 7.000 per player and per hour

Milo Dinossaur

Now, This is a real Burger. Monopoly Burger and it's about IDR 40.000.
Well.. it suits the name "Monopoly"

Chicken Wings

Carimali Espresso Machine. Great cafes are still using this as their heart in a coffee shop.
It's a great high-volume cafe. One of the cafe that uses this machine is The Black Canyon cafe.

Espresso Single Shot, Like always


The Food and Beverages are superb. And it's a cool place to hang out because there's board games you can play. Enough with those video games and iPods. These games are way cooller than anything.

if you have some questions about coffee beverages, feel free to ask me
I'm also accept any opinion and critics you might have

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Thank you :)

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  1. Seems a really cool place!

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  2. Pernah ke sini juga. Gamesnya seru seru!!

  3. The Cafe' look like retro but the retro though! I would go there, sounds pretty fun place o hang out. Thx for a lovely comment on my blog dearie. ox


  4. Love this place. And also u have amazing pictures!!!
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  5. New giveaway on my blog! Win 30$ to spend on Ahaishopping! Want to join?

  6. nice cafe! will go there if i visit medan.
    nice blog btw!

  7. super cute blog!! :) and the food looks great at this place!

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  8. Halo, bisa minta struktur organisasi the mind cafe gak? perlu nih utk skripsi