Senin, 08 April 2013

M-MM-Moka Pot (Fibonacci Cafe Medan )

Hello CoffeeLovers :)

Ever since i got a blog mascot, My friends and my family often asked something related to the "hat' of RoboCaff.

"Nice Blender .."
Or like
"It's a good mascot, but what's with the Tea Pot?"

Lol, it's actually a Moka Pot. I'm not that good at drawing and making details, but i do have some experience drawing manga. When i was little, i was dreaming to be a great Manga Artist. But something happened along the way, and i ended up just reading it. ( But i did making a manga series though, It's just 2 chapters long)

I have a great spot to view.
Fibonacci Cafe
Komp. Multatuli Indah. Blok D-55

Moka Pot
It's the cheapest way to make Espresso.
But making Espresso this way is harder than you think.
Temperature, Time and Patience is the key if you're using this tool.

It's a Bar-Like Cafe. They have the great dish and cheap price.

Strawberry Float

Chocolate Shake

This is Chicken Fried Rice, it's delicious

A Carimali (again) . Espresso Machine that capable of making Coffee Grounds into a perfect cup of Espresso. 
Expensive, but tough in every way you can imagine.
Dual Boiler and PID Control makes the temp stable.

And now for the ..

(somehow after writing that down hundreds of times, i still check the misspelled grammar)

Decent Shot, you'll never find anything like it. I don't think it's a local beans
It's a great shot. Extraction time prox 23-24 sec.
Full bodied, and Taste wonderful.
Aftertaste somehow Smooth and Mild-like.

Guess what, The barista is a shy girl

She's great to talk to. And probably still an amateur but she got what it takes to make
a decent shot of espresso.

UNO BLOCK GAMES, well it's a heart stopper games when you play it.
Trying to remove the block is thrilling but fun.

if you have some questions about coffee beverages, feel free to ask me
I'm also accept any opinion and critics you might have

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