Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

Espresso Addict (Rocco Coffee and Snacks)

Well, CoffeeLovers :) . How have you been ?

I often was asked, how many espresso shots that you consume a day.
It depends. Somehow if i feel tired, i'm going to a coffee shop and buy regular size coffee.
If i'm not tired i will go to a coffee shop and buy espresso too.
It's just the sizes, wether i chose to buy brewed coffee, or a single shot. 

But, i realized that i'm not that kind of addict. I'm not a Coffee Morning person. I drink milk every morning, sometimes caffeine, i just don't want to become that coffee addict. Even if i love coffee so much, i made a limit for it.

Okay then. Since i have a Blog Mascot now. I'll go check him and go ask him if he can help me with a good blog post.

Today, i'm going to
Rocco Coffee and Snack Jl, Sei Belutu NO 74. Medan, Indonesia

A unique place indeed

I interviewed Mbak Theresia (The PR and Marketing) and according to her, she believed an ancient FengShui that a place that resembles like pockets brings good luck and blessings

What a cozy sofa :)

Nyummm :)

A really nice Saeco Royal . Mas Alfonso (The bartender) give me permission to check out this awesome Espresso Machine.
Saeco Royal is a great Fully Automatic machine. And its capability in Coffee Shops is beyond doubt

And for now The.....


This was a good shot. But a thin crema. I merely guess the extraction time and it was 2 seconds close.
It's not bad after all, altough it's extracted under 25. The Taste still covers it. Aftertaste are winey.
it will be good if extracted under 25 seconds :)

By the way, it was a great shot
Recommended espresso. Recommended Cafe, and great place to chat since the cozyness of the place makes a good score.

(from left to right) Mas Alfonso, and Mba Theresia
These guys are great to talk to, share coffee knowledge and more
(even look at Mas Alfonso's shirt and mine, we're bros)

if you have some questions about coffee beverages, feel free to ask me
I'm also accept any opinion and critics you might have
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Thank you :)