Kamis, 25 April 2013

Home Run (B Cafe Medan )

Hello CoffeeLovers.

I grew up in the best decade of the century.
Aah... The 90's.
It's the days when the girls was playing rubberband chains, hide and seek, building fortress out of stacking pillows and blankets, and bringing tamagotchi to school would make you instantly the coolest kid around.
I miss those moments.

I have this habit when i was that age.
I used to rode my bike every sunday morning. And my parents always warned me to not go too far.
Like always, i sit on the seat and paddle.
On the way to the intersection (about 100ft away from home), i always tought and asked myself

"How far can ride my bike, without turning back home"

After asking that up. I decided to break the rules, i go beyond the intersections and it's the farthest way i could dare myself.

One week later, i did the same thing, the farthest way i could paddle .Somehow there's a wall there that i couldn't breakthrough. I don't know why, it's just there.

Growing up makes me thinking what would i ask that to myself. I just get it out several days ago. It;s not about breaking the rules, about my parents rules.

It's always about your home

Funny to think that, but let's admit. The farthest you're from home (for Home i meant not House, you know the differences) you'll realize the value of your home is, people near you, people you care about.
Maybe you dreamed a beautiful place you always wanted to visit, or the luxury of a 5 stars hotels, dreamed about crossing the globe and beyond.
But let's admit, it'll never beats your home, the coziness of your living room, the warm smile of your brothers/sisters, even your bed that you'd always drooled on it literally .

Well. For me, growing up makes you think a little bit huh? About Home .

We decided to go to B Cafe at Komp. Multatuli

It's really a small place, but it truly is a great place for a hang out

Chicken Maryland Steak

The Drinks

Nasi Ayam Kecap Sze Chuan

A Vibiemme or VBM . I forgot if its' a domobar or expobar. But it's using the rotary Pump, which is great in small cafe. I forgot the capacity of the boiler but it's sing boiler use.


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