Senin, 17 Juni 2013

Sospeso !! (Cuckoo Latte Medan )

Hello CoffeeLovers.

There's a tradition in Italy. Because drinking coffee were becoming a great part of human rights, and the poor that actually cannot afford it yet can get Sospeso Coffee or Coffee Pending.

Caffe Sospesso were originally an act of charity toward the homeless and the poor.
I give you this illustration.
A man were make a take-out order cappucinno and pays for 3 cups of it. But then he just take 2 cups and asked the Barista to make the other cup a Pending Coffee. The Barista said yes, and he packed the 2 cups and gave it to him. The next few minutes, a lady did the same thing but just order 2 cups, pays for them both but just took a cup and asked the Barista if he could make the other cup a Pending Coffee. The Barista said Yes.
Just before the closing time, a homeless man came, sit on the banco and asked the Barista if there's any Coffee Pending left.
The Barista handed over the Cappucinno which is already payed by the earliest customers.

That is really a great tradition, remembering if charity doesn't always had to be money.
Now i'm just wondering here. What would happen to my country Indonesia if there's such tradition ??


This is actually a late post, i reviewed this Cafe for almost three weeks ago.
Cuckoo Latte 
Jalan S. Parman No. 64
MedanNorth Sumatra 20114 

The name "Cuckoo Latte" originally came from the cuckoo clock, and somehow the
wallpapers and interiors reminds me of it

This place has some great menus. Despise focusing on drinks, they serve delicious snacks for
customers to eat.

I love the Interior Design, it's very inviting and colourful.
This cafe located not too far from schools and public places. I believe they're customers are teenagers and students of course. Being next to Jln. S. Parman, this place is surely catches our eyes when we pass the road.

Small place, yet Cozy and a really great place for a hang out.
I love how they actually pick their name "Cuckoo"
It's like something that not common but sounds familiar.

The Menu, i belive it's DIY stuff, cartons and some homemade things.

Latte art Cappucinos :)
Cafes rarely give addition to cappucino, they gave they biscuits addition.

Ta- Da, This is La Spazialle S5. A 54kg beast with attractive Ruby Red. 5 Litre Boiler and Temperature Adjusting makes this machine a capable on large cafes and makes this an amazing tool to operate and learn much about temperature. Killer steam wand and amazing Stabilize Temperature system

I interviewed the Barista, His name is Yofi and he's really a nice guy. He has great potential to become a great Barista. He loved to talk and i really enjoyed my conversation with him. He's still new to the Coffee world, but it doesn't matter because all i can see is his passion to be greater..

oooh man, This machine is a beauty ...


With the cookies as add ons on the my Espresso Doppio, makes the customers felt a great service , especially for those who can't took the bitternes.

if you have some questions about coffee beverages, feel free to ask me
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Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Imagine your Imagination (Coffee Kingdom Medan )

Helloo CoffeeLovers.

Have you ever watch SpongeBob episode called "Idiot Box"
You know.. when he and Patrick just ordered a Large Television with a box, and they were actually throw the large TV as if it was the useless part and keep THE BOX instead.
When i was watching it, it just burnt my eyes.
They just go inside that large Box and play with their Imagination. Like we always did as a kid.
Hilariously but ridiculously, they keep the box and said this to Squidward
"We don't need Television, as long as we have our.... Imagination" *sudden rainbow out of his hands.

That is Funny, Somewhat it actually says it all.
Sudden clearance is, when we get older, we actually (little by little) losing our imagination.
Because everything is always have to be logical when we're older.

Okay, i'll give you This Story. This one is true Story.

So, there's this teacher.
She was teaching at Kindergarten school, and she gave a homework to the children.
She told the children to draw a scenery of a landscape where there's a Sun, Grass field, Mountain, clouds and a road that cut through the mountain and paint it with the right color of each.(we actually did this kind of drawing). After that the bell rang and class is over

The Next day, She collected all of the children's homework like always.
But there's one kid that paint it differently. The sun's is Brown, The mountain is darker brown, The grass is yellow, the road is black, the sky is Yellow to Brown, And the clouds is dark black.
So the Teacher called this boy and said to him that all of the colors are wrong.
A sun should be Yellow.
The Mountain should be Gray.
The Grass should be Green.
The Sky should be Blue.
And The clouds should be White.

But the boy stay with his argument and said
"But that's what i actually see when i got home after visiting my grandma every evening"

The Teacher is had her mind blown.
The Boy's is right. why we should draw what it should be then what it "should" be.
Logic doesn't always the right answer.

Let's admit, when we were little, If we want to become a Superman, we just put a blanket on our shoulder and with our imagination, we became Superhero. When we want to play like in action movies, we just make a simple toy gun and pretend as we are a super-agent.

Happiness is simple when we were kids.
Why is it so hard these days to become happy. Like being Happy is actually the hardest thing in this world.
Like we have to follow the RIGHT TRACK but it's not a Doesn't Always Right - Track
"A key to Happiness is ...." quote is getting old.
Why we need a key, why we can't breakthrough it. Or, is it even locked?

Bad News is                    : "There's a key to Happiness"
Good News is                 : "We don't need a key, it's not locked"

This is just purely my Opinion.

Yesterday we went to Coffee Kingdom Jln. Merak Jingga.

If you Happen to pass Paramount Building, This cafe will pop out.

"About 13 March, This cafe was Built"
I interviewed Mas Apen.
"Our Concept is Cafe and Bar merge into one but still our target is the Middle Class"
Altough the Cafe Looks like a restaurant from the outside, and somehow looks expensive.
But it's actually synchronized with our pockets.
They were planning to open a Barista Training. after the second building opening.

There's a Cool Bar too :)

You can enjoy a great Acoustic live Band.
Jazz songs can be requested too :)

Chocolate Oreo

Avocado Coffee

Milkshake Vanilla

Fetuccini Carbonara and French Fries

Fun Place to hang out, The foods are great.


It's very nice, unique Aroma and Flavor. 25 Seconds flat and  a decent one.
After trying to guess what beans they are using.
It's Gayonese.

Well like i said, everything is Syncing wit our pockets. Not that cheap, But the menu is worth the Price.

Conti Xeos. High Volume Espresso Machine.
The owners has a right decision to choose this machine. In fact it's the most Efficient machine i've known for large volume cafe.
Large Boiler. Comfort Steam wand and Stainless body that sits perfectly on display.

That's all for today's post Folks.

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Kamis, 25 April 2013

Home Run (B Cafe Medan )

Hello CoffeeLovers.

I grew up in the best decade of the century.
Aah... The 90's.
It's the days when the girls was playing rubberband chains, hide and seek, building fortress out of stacking pillows and blankets, and bringing tamagotchi to school would make you instantly the coolest kid around.
I miss those moments.

I have this habit when i was that age.
I used to rode my bike every sunday morning. And my parents always warned me to not go too far.
Like always, i sit on the seat and paddle.
On the way to the intersection (about 100ft away from home), i always tought and asked myself

"How far can ride my bike, without turning back home"

After asking that up. I decided to break the rules, i go beyond the intersections and it's the farthest way i could dare myself.

One week later, i did the same thing, the farthest way i could paddle .Somehow there's a wall there that i couldn't breakthrough. I don't know why, it's just there.

Growing up makes me thinking what would i ask that to myself. I just get it out several days ago. It;s not about breaking the rules, about my parents rules.

It's always about your home

Funny to think that, but let's admit. The farthest you're from home (for Home i meant not House, you know the differences) you'll realize the value of your home is, people near you, people you care about.
Maybe you dreamed a beautiful place you always wanted to visit, or the luxury of a 5 stars hotels, dreamed about crossing the globe and beyond.
But let's admit, it'll never beats your home, the coziness of your living room, the warm smile of your brothers/sisters, even your bed that you'd always drooled on it literally .

Well. For me, growing up makes you think a little bit huh? About Home .

We decided to go to B Cafe at Komp. Multatuli

It's really a small place, but it truly is a great place for a hang out

Chicken Maryland Steak

The Drinks

Nasi Ayam Kecap Sze Chuan

A Vibiemme or VBM . I forgot if its' a domobar or expobar. But it's using the rotary Pump, which is great in small cafe. I forgot the capacity of the boiler but it's sing boiler use.


if you have some questions about coffee beverages, feel free to ask me
I'm also accept any opinion and critics you might have

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