Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Old Time Kopi Thua Medan

Hello readers and coffee lovers :)

Until now, i'm still wondering why i love coffee so much. I really never have any idea why i'm so addicted with such things. My friends always warn me about bad things caffeine can effect me, it can destroy my body, my nerve system and other things. But Caffeine is originally has good effects on you. Some say it's a medicine and can cure some of your system in your body. I have no idea at all with such things. What i know is i love it, just that.

Anyway, i'm still remember why i want to become a great Barista so bad. The greatest part is what motivated me to become one. Somehow the reason is pretty much childish, it's because of a movie.
A few years ago (if i remember correctly), i was watching a movie called "The Green Hornet". If you guys ever watch it, There's a part where Kato (the main character) is making coffee with his own espresso machine, his espresso machine that he made by himself. His mater Britt Reid wanted a Cappuccino from him to be made. I watched the ultimate scene where Kato was pouring Rosetta on top of the espresso. It was beautiful. And that's what motivated me to become a great Barista. Not just Latte Art, but a serious coffee that people can actually enjoy

Today i was going to a Coffee Shop named "Old Time, Kopi Thua"
Gagak Hitam street (Ringroad), Medan

The place can be found in Jalan Ring Road. Although it's somehow a little bit secluded. it's pretty much cozy on the inside

The decoration is simple and cozy. If i look closely, the decoration is related to old times, like 30's or 40's

 They don't use any Espresso Machine, but they're using Moka Pot

This is the Menu. I like the misspelling part "Poka Mod" and "Ekspresso"

I ordered "Kwetiaw Old Time"
I guess it's pretty much Old Time. The plate is somehow traditional too.

This is my girlfriend dish :)
Both dish incredibly delicious. Ten Points for Gryffindor :)

The Teh Tarik

This is the "Ekspresso". They're using Moka Pot to make this. Although the capacity is like three shots of Espresso


It doesn't have any crema on top, the barista is using old beans.  The Aroma has a turpentine and somehow smells like wine. Although the Taste is pretty much different, it was ashy, tobacco like. If the drinkers is a smoker, it will be fine. I really can't tell the Acidity, the Bitterness cover all of it,  it's off Balance too. 

The Espresso is okay :). But the price is not worth it. IDR 25.000 . Starbucks would be surprise 

That's all for today guys. I would like to recommend this place. It's a fun place and cozy too. Delicious dish and great waitress. If you want to hang out with friends or dating with your partner, this one is great :)

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