Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

Ranch 57 Medan

Hello Coffee Lovers :)

Long time no post.
Days and months has passed and i really enjoying reading coffee articles. I've found great articles about coffee experiences, traveling, food photography and also a good traveling guide across coffee belts around the world. The experiences is unique, about how they managed to socialized with other people with extraordinary different culture, different perspectives. I still remember when my mom always reminded me about good old days, when she always gave me great advice about how you control other people and how you can actually make them believe you. She taught me about great responsibilities. And so my Dad told me "The ones that should really feared amongst the leader is not about failure. It's always about gaining the followers trust".

Yesterday, i found a great cafe spot at Plaza Medan Fair. Jln. Gatot Subroto Lt. 1

The place as a unique "Ranch" Theme . The seats, until cups and mugs they use

"Getra Espresso Machine"
Never knew how it works, but several cafes (including chatime and some good cafes) uses this machine

This one is on the menu named "Nasi Goreng Gila "
Incredibly Spicy, i dare you try the dish

"Oreo Cheese Cake"
Somehow caramel, somehow Cheese Cake

i love the classic serving style using the espresso shots


This one is amazing pulled shot, incredible crema,
The aroma is Sugar Browning, Nutty and Malt Like. I pretty much believe they use Indonesian beans
It Tastes soury and Acrid-like (in a good way)
Great Espresso by the way. One of the cheapest espresso and amazing pulled shot.
This one is a total recomended

This place is one i'd like to recommend to you, since the place has great menu, the food and beverages is halfpenny. But don't take much hope at the waitresses tough.

if you have some questions about coffee beverages, feel free to ask me
I'm also accept any opinion and critics you might have
My email princekoezk@gmail.com

Thank You :)