Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013

Rumah Kami Medan

Helloo CoffeeLovers :)

I'm a big fan of Jazz music. I've been dreaming since forever having a cafe with Jazz Lounge, where all the legends like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, play at the same spot in a small cafe.

I love a conversation like 
A : "Aye Jim, make some cool major 7 would you ?"
B : "Sure mate :) "
or like 
A : "Hey Jim, how's the wife?" 
B : "Well my friend, she still sleeps with my brother." 
A : "Bravo mate" 
B : "Another Scotch?"

Today i found a great spot in outskirts of Medan

 Jln. Merak No 34 Medan.

 The place is somehow hard to find, you must have a good eye to find a good place like this :)

An Amazing old Piano, This place has too much cozyness. Vintage, Vintage anywhere

Old Table and i love the side Bar

Rancilio Classe 7 . This One are one of the best Espresso Machine in coffee industry. Its durability in High-Volume Cafe is unquestionable. But i have no idea if it's Double Boiler or Heat Exchange Machine

Mas Dana The Barista :) . I love sharing coffee experiences with him, and he made me a nice and balanced espresso shots

Mas Dana said to me that this was a coffee reject, which means it's extracted under 20 sec but already reach 50ml or more. (but the way he extracted it, it already rich in aroma an thick crema. The Failed espresso prove me that my espresso making skills need improvements.... a lot :((

Espresso Served in Piccolo Glass set


Needless to say, Thick crema , Rich flavor and Perfect Balance. 
A perfection i found in a single cup
Recommended? I just gave it 5 Stars

This cafe has a 5 Stars coffee experience. Great Barista, Great Waitresses. More good news, if you happen to met a guy whom designed the Desa Resto or Gardenia. The Guy is the manager of this cafe :) . I didn't surprise after heard that statement , of course, seeing the cafe design. :)

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