Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Old Time Kopi Thua Medan

Hello readers and coffee lovers :)

Until now, i'm still wondering why i love coffee so much. I really never have any idea why i'm so addicted with such things. My friends always warn me about bad things caffeine can effect me, it can destroy my body, my nerve system and other things. But Caffeine is originally has good effects on you. Some say it's a medicine and can cure some of your system in your body. I have no idea at all with such things. What i know is i love it, just that.

Anyway, i'm still remember why i want to become a great Barista so bad. The greatest part is what motivated me to become one. Somehow the reason is pretty much childish, it's because of a movie.
A few years ago (if i remember correctly), i was watching a movie called "The Green Hornet". If you guys ever watch it, There's a part where Kato (the main character) is making coffee with his own espresso machine, his espresso machine that he made by himself. His mater Britt Reid wanted a Cappuccino from him to be made. I watched the ultimate scene where Kato was pouring Rosetta on top of the espresso. It was beautiful. And that's what motivated me to become a great Barista. Not just Latte Art, but a serious coffee that people can actually enjoy

Today i was going to a Coffee Shop named "Old Time, Kopi Thua"
Gagak Hitam street (Ringroad), Medan

The place can be found in Jalan Ring Road. Although it's somehow a little bit secluded. it's pretty much cozy on the inside

The decoration is simple and cozy. If i look closely, the decoration is related to old times, like 30's or 40's

 They don't use any Espresso Machine, but they're using Moka Pot

This is the Menu. I like the misspelling part "Poka Mod" and "Ekspresso"

I ordered "Kwetiaw Old Time"
I guess it's pretty much Old Time. The plate is somehow traditional too.

This is my girlfriend dish :)
Both dish incredibly delicious. Ten Points for Gryffindor :)

The Teh Tarik

This is the "Ekspresso". They're using Moka Pot to make this. Although the capacity is like three shots of Espresso


It doesn't have any crema on top, the barista is using old beans.  The Aroma has a turpentine and somehow smells like wine. Although the Taste is pretty much different, it was ashy, tobacco like. If the drinkers is a smoker, it will be fine. I really can't tell the Acidity, the Bitterness cover all of it,  it's off Balance too. 

The Espresso is okay :). But the price is not worth it. IDR 25.000 . Starbucks would be surprise 

That's all for today guys. I would like to recommend this place. It's a fun place and cozy too. Delicious dish and great waitress. If you want to hang out with friends or dating with your partner, this one is great :)

if you have some questions about coffee beverages, feel free to ask me
I'm also accept any opinion and critics you might have
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Thank You :)

Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

Charlie Brown Cafe Medan

Hi there coffee lovers.
"Two small jumps are better than three giant leaps over the haystack". Well i got that quote from my favorite blog named MY MILK TOOF. Although i don't know what it means, i really like the sound of it. I guess we all have some favorite quote aren't we? Something that will always motivate us to do what we like, and what we love. My favorite Quotes of all times is "If you can't tell the difference between playing and working, you have arrived". I love that sound, even you work hard, you still loving what you do. It's like endless fun. Playing while working. ^_^

Today we were hanging out to the Hermes Place. And we decided to try the new cafe "Charlie Brown Cafe"
Jl. R.W. Mongonsidi no 45 (Hermes Place)MedanSumatera UtaraIndonesia

This place has a Charlie Brown theme, all of the design from the walls and coffee table decorations is from this cartoon. I never saw any of the episode though, but i love Snoopy :)

I love the School Bus design

My favorite menu, Single Shot Espresso

They're also selling some Charlie Brown's souvenir at the souvenir shop :)

Western Foods are on the menu

My favorite Espresso Machine , Nuova Simonelli Aurelia, this baby got awarded by WBC as their standard machine for World Barista Championship 3 years straight.
 I'm also using Nuova Simonelli but i'm using the Musica :)


The moment i took my first sip, i took my guess that the Bean Grinder is not in the proper size burr. It's too coarse, and watery. Too Acidic, i guess the beans is extracted under 20 sec. The Fragrance is nice, but pretty much weak Aftertaste. It's thin . The weakness is in the process on the Barista's hands. Others are good

That's all for the Espresso

But other drinks taste wonderful, this is my GF order, the Hot Chocolate. Many other kind of Hot Drinks too. They have great Drinks beside Espresso,.

My Partner sipping the Chocolate 

That's all for today, if you have some questions about coffee beverages, feel free to ask me
I'm also accept any opinion and critics you might have
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Thank you so much :)

Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

Opal Coffee Medan

Now this is my actual first post, since i never post anything new. I want to make some references about cafes   that for me is great to visit and have great skilled barista or  coffee brewer (in some parts they're also offer barista courses and trainings). This part of my blog is something i'd like to recommend to you about the greatness of their espresso based coffee and other drinks.

Jl. T. Amir Hamzah Blok C-56, Kompleks Griya Riatur Indah 
This place is great for a hangout too since its interior design is designed for middle to top class. The barista are really great to talk too, friendly, and they manage to make customers loyal to their coffee shop

This places is pretty much cozy, i couldn't manage to figure what is the interior theme, but i guess it's somehow has japanese culture, modern, and vintage part blend together.

This part is the zen garden, (i didn't manage to shoot the pool since i guess it's their privacy priority). 

They are also sell coffee beans in the left part of their coffee shop. They're selling many variant of coffee beans (Lintong, Toraja, Wayag, Mandhailing, and the fruity taste beans like Long Berry from Ethiopia)

 They're using the La Marzocco espresso machine, one of the best espresso machine in the history.

La Marzocco FB/80, with three group heads, its price is about £7590.00 or about IDR 107.000.000
o_o. They chose a really nice white milk color.

Now for the heart part
Their Espresso Judgment

i took single shot espresso, and we also can chose what beans what we want. This time i chose Long Berry beans, freshly roasted. The Fragrance is nice when i want to take my first sip. Acidity is blend with the sweetness and make great balance.From the Taste i could guess they extracted the beans about 22 to 24 seconds. Excellent Aftertaste. Full Bodied. This espresso is a total recommended for all espresso lovers out there.

My GF ordered Choco Vanilla Chip Blend Cream. 
It is delicious ^_^ 

This coffee shop is a recommended to you who like amazing taste , but they're not offering any cheap price though :)