Kamis, 07 Maret 2013

"Barista the Manga" (The Edge, Medan )

Hey there CoffeeLovers :)

Today i want to talk about Manga.
Yup. the first manga what ever publish in this earth is "Astro Boy". Remember? A robot kid who tries to save the world using his prototype powers. Ozamu Tesuka is a brilliant artist who brought this scy-fy genre manga up a level. And then all the manga artisans like Eichiro Oda, Fujiko F Fujio, Masashi Kishimoto, make up their own dreams and set sail in a Manga World.

Talking about Manga. I know a good one. A Coffee related manga

This is A coffee related manga. A Story about .... Nah, you read it. It's a great story about coffee making skills and others. About passion of perfection is more precise.
You should read it. I know a good skills, about coffee making skills just by reading it.

Today we found a good place in the outskirts of Medan.
The Edge. Grand Swiss-Belhotel,  Lt.27 Jln. Letjend S.Parman No.217, Medan

I couldn't got a snapshot inside of the Bar, because there was lack of lights and i couldn't got a nicequality pictures

But the outdoor part, this is just heaven. A lovely view

Like a Zen Garden

This place is relaxing. If you're just in time, you'll see a beautiful sunset in the outskirts

"Local Sumatera Tea"

A single Espresso shot served in a tea cup.
I saw them using the Saeco Royal Machine 

A thick Milk-like Crema, Full bodied. Richful. But Taste Flat. Although there's a fruit-like in the aftertaste.
3.5 Stars

Many food and drinks and great beverages. This is a great place for relaxing and having great conversation

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