Kamis, 14 Maret 2013

New Header and Avatar Cameo Design

Hello CoffeeLovers :)

I just got a brilliant idea about making an avatar cameo for this blog
This avatar will guide you to many later posts on this blog about coffee other knowledge in coffee related.

His name is RoboCaff.

I've been trying to design it for about 3 days.

After a lot of hardwork i ask Nita's opinion :
Me         : "How about this ?"
Nita        : "What is this? a Villain?"
Me         : " -_- ' "
Nita        : "Try a little bit simpler"
Me         : " .... i guess you're right"

Nita    : "It's like Domokun"
Me     : "It's cute though"
Nita    : "Yup"

Nita     : "I like this one"
Me      : "I love this, i'll choose this :) "
Nita     : "It's great"
Me      : "I'll try naming it"

Well. i'll have him as my my servant as the guardian of this blog :)

if you have some questions about coffee beverages, feel free to ask me
I'm also accept any opinion and critics you might have
My email princekoezk@gmail.com

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Thank you :)