Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

Opal Coffee Medan

Now this is my actual first post, since i never post anything new. I want to make some references about cafes   that for me is great to visit and have great skilled barista or  coffee brewer (in some parts they're also offer barista courses and trainings). This part of my blog is something i'd like to recommend to you about the greatness of their espresso based coffee and other drinks.

Jl. T. Amir Hamzah Blok C-56, Kompleks Griya Riatur Indah 
This place is great for a hangout too since its interior design is designed for middle to top class. The barista are really great to talk too, friendly, and they manage to make customers loyal to their coffee shop

This places is pretty much cozy, i couldn't manage to figure what is the interior theme, but i guess it's somehow has japanese culture, modern, and vintage part blend together.

This part is the zen garden, (i didn't manage to shoot the pool since i guess it's their privacy priority). 

They are also sell coffee beans in the left part of their coffee shop. They're selling many variant of coffee beans (Lintong, Toraja, Wayag, Mandhailing, and the fruity taste beans like Long Berry from Ethiopia)

 They're using the La Marzocco espresso machine, one of the best espresso machine in the history.

La Marzocco FB/80, with three group heads, its price is about £7590.00 or about IDR 107.000.000
o_o. They chose a really nice white milk color.

Now for the heart part
Their Espresso Judgment

i took single shot espresso, and we also can chose what beans what we want. This time i chose Long Berry beans, freshly roasted. The Fragrance is nice when i want to take my first sip. Acidity is blend with the sweetness and make great balance.From the Taste i could guess they extracted the beans about 22 to 24 seconds. Excellent Aftertaste. Full Bodied. This espresso is a total recommended for all espresso lovers out there.

My GF ordered Choco Vanilla Chip Blend Cream. 
It is delicious ^_^ 

This coffee shop is a recommended to you who like amazing taste , but they're not offering any cheap price though :)