Senin, 04 Maret 2013

"Books" (Fresh Coffee Shop, Medan)

Hey Coffee Lovers :)

"Books". I wonder what it sounds if you heard it. On some people, books are actually unnecessary , that they should get burned or threw away at a trash can. In the other hand,, some people cannot live without it.
In my perspectives. Books are good, not all of it are good but some of it really make you think from the author's perspectives. Even some great writers put they heart and soul into the creation.

Ernest Hemingway to Irving Penn
"You took great photos. What camera do you use?"

Irving Penn to Ernest Hemingway
"You wrote great Books. What Typewriter do you use?"

Talking about books. I've found a great place.\
Fresh Coffee Shop. Komplek Ruko Royal Sumatera Jln. Jamin Ginting Km 8,5

The Right Hand of the Owner, Mas Roy, He is in charge of everything happen in the cafe

At my first tought, me and my friends are actually was going to photo hunting.
but i couldn't help myself but to review this awesome cafe in the middle of Royal Sumatera

Mas Irfan The Barista, He is a great guy to talk to :)

Yup, Nuova Simonellu Appia V. High-Volume Cafe Heat Exchanger Machine. My favorite..

"Chocolate Blend Coffee"
Yummy Taste, you should try it

A Single Shot Espresso.


Because i'm too exited talking to mas Irfan, i forgot to sipped the Espresso while at its best temperature. As you can see, i shot the Espresso while the Crema are getting thinner. 
My bad ... 

I couldn't guess what beans are they actualy use, but these beans are freshly roasted from Italy.
Low Acidity like always, Flavorful, Nutty and Mild.
It even Taste good when i Exhale :)

For Coffee Lovers. This is a nice and balanced Espresso, right at 25 sec Extraction

Fresh Coffee Shop
A great Cafe, Great Menu too. You should try their other drinks

if you have some questions about coffee beverages, feel free to ask me
I'm also accept any opinion and critics you might have
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Thank you :)