Jumat, 07 Desember 2012

Introduction (as coffee lovers)

First things first.. My name is William. I live in Medan and i'm also a jack of all trades. This Blog i made is dedicated for my passion and determination in coffee and my passion to become a great Barista. So, in case all of you are wondering, why coffee?

it's pretty simple , because i love coffee so much, not just by its taste but also its origin, history and i want to show you how wide that coffee truly can provide you with knowledge. Coffee is like a blend between science and art and beyond that. It became my true passion beside any other thing :)

4 komentar:

  1. Aaaaaw..... kamu bakalan jadi barista profesional kok!! :D


  2. good luck William!!!

  3. Keren, Dut.
    Ntar kalau dah makin banyak, bisa jadi acuan orang buat ngopi di Medan.
    Dah ahli kopi sekarang ya. hehe

  4. Bro william, coba try royale coffee shop yg di dalam royal condominium jl. Palang merah itu, recommended! ☕�� btw ada BB bro? Add pin wa plis 2A4A2224 thanks ����

    -yovi- Cuckoo Latte